Uprooted Flower Truck is a mobile florist serving designed, hand-tied bouquets. NYC's first flower truck offers a rotating selection of flowers and color palettes. Flower bouquets are prepared and sold in three sizes - "the studio", "the loft", and "the penthouse" ranging from $12-$45. We bring efficient service, unique flowers and playful designs right to your curb. Uprooted also provides floral work for weddings, corporate functions, restaurants, and private events!

We designed a truck that allows for optimal floral care and the ability to provide stellar service. The truck has a floral cooler, electrical system, work counters, and sink with hot water – a fully functional florist on wheels! With the help of a successful $15,000 Kickstarter campaign, Uprooted Flower Truck began serving New Yorkers in April 2015. 

Uprooted Flower Truck aims to be where and when you need us – whether it’s during the 5pm post-work dash, or after a weekend stroll through the Brooklyn Flea. Check for parking locations here and on Twitter.

The Uprooted Team


KRISTEN BOICE - Branding Graphic Design

Juliana Ronderos - Photography

Amanda Knapp - Graphic Design Consultant

Riane Bawalan - Photography

Amanda Yong - Photography